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Servile Sect

Eternal Mind
Servile Sect - Eternal Mind cassette cover.

Psilo-lysergic bicoastal anti-hymns from the uberminds of Luke (NYC) and Nate (Humboldt County). I first encountered their jams through their Ecstatic Peace LP a year and change back. Saw them destroy it live in Austin back in March, 2010 at the EP Showcase, along with many other notables that night (Nancy Garcia, Talk Normal, Black Helicopter, Viv Albertine, et. al). Through the power of some SxSW networking/shmoozing, I was able to commission this release for Senseless Empire.

Some Norwegian, moonlit forest vibes here but also lots of weird bubbling analog and digital sounding electronics under the surface. Seriously creepy music that sounds channeled rather than executed.

C28 cassette. Edition of 80.

Out of print.

The You Me Colour Band

Mind People and the Personality Bath
The You Me Colour Band - Mind People and the Personality Bath cassette cover.

Here's Katherine from Dreamcatcher along with her beau, Josh, from Wasted Nymph's ode to the icy cold Montreal winter. The barter system is alive and well in the North as apparently this release was recorded during pro-studio time traded for a stint of dog-sitting.

I'm told that there's a pile of snow and ice removed from the city's streets and trucked outside its limits that doesn't melt away until July. Aptly analogous is this tape whose sounds will cling to forgotten regions of the brain long after the reels stop spinning. Songs are titled Yoko Apparition I - IV. Recommended for lights-out time.

C28 cassette. Edition of 60.

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Soft Location

Diamonds and Gems
Soft Location Diamonds and Gems record cover.

Senseless Empire's first foray into the vinyl realm. This record is completely amazing. Detroit band that doesn't exist anymore due to geographical dispersion of its members. Thankfully this music still exists.

No obvious musical reference points but maybe Astral Weeks from a female perspective. This record is amazing and needed the permanence of vinyl.

Limited to 500 copies. Black vinyl inside beautiful screen-printed covers.

ONLY ~30 copies left!!! [Sept 14, 2013]:

Soft Location Fools record cover.

Soft Location's follow-up LP, Fools, on Physical Things, is just as great as Diamonds and Gems. Order it here.


Monoscopium Fake LP
Bessemerr - Monoscopium Fake LP cassette cover.

Under the name, Bessemerr, Italian experimental psycher Paolo Berti, has created an amazing album and Senseless Empire is happy to release the "Fake LP" version. Listening to Monoscopium recalls impressions of space, time, yearning and discovery. Fans of Klaus Schulze will be stoked on this one. The music easily wraps around the listener and attachs itself to a level just below conciousness. The sounds become stars and the album the transport device into the heavens. Not too long after that one realizes that it's too late to order a pizza and the only way to go is forward into the abyss. This one jams HARD!

Edition of 80.

Out of print.


3 Cruces
Trigal - 3 Cruces cassette cover.

This release is a dark electronic masterwork from Barcelona, Spain's Trigal. Recorded in Spain and Morocco. Coincides with March 2009 US tour and follows on the heels of Trigal's epicly wasted Freedom of the Psychedelic Experimental Stoned Sound. Totally stoked on this one. Turn out the lights.

Edition of 80.

Out of print.


Cussin Out Loud
Birdlaw - Cussin Out Loud cassette cover.

Do you like the Ramones? They were from Queens, NY. What's my point? So is Birdlaw. Squaaak! See the thing of it is, this is some fine fine music! One time Alex and I pressed play simultaneously on our walkmans and listened to Shellac's Terraform cassette while walking through the woods. It took almost 11 years but I'm almost positive Cussin Out Loud is the direct result of this night. But sounds nothing like Shellac, more like the sound of that whole night.

Edition of 50.

Out of print.

Canopic Lidz

Da da Vinci Code
Canopic Lidz Da da Vinci Code cassette cover.

From the basement's Canopic Lidz crew, this a concept album like the old days. Some seriously damaged soundz here. Side one has the street anthems while side two has the complimentary introspective numbers. The peak and the come-down so to speak.

What is the code? Is the answer within? Above? Below? Those in the know know.

Limited to 100 copies. 40 minutes of music!

Out of print.

Bisexual Genghis Khan/Bi-GK/Big-K

Strawberry Island
Big-K Strawberry Island cassette cover.

Bi-GK reinvent themselves as Big-K for this 74 minute release, Strawberry Island, a tribute to Shuggie Otis. This one is perfect for falling asleep to, cleaning dishes or trying to get with someone.

Matthew Thurber from Soiled Mattress & The Springs and many sweet comics drew the fantastic cover art (inside and out). Matthew also drew the lovely art from the first Bi-GK cassette.

Released jointly with Colin's Mass(ive) Dist(ribution) label.

Edition of 99.

Out of print.

Making Love After Midnight
Bi-GK Making Love After Midnight cassette cover.

This is Bi-G.K.'s first foray into concept and album recording. Featuring overdubs! Other side is "live" in the studio jamming. A side for any occassion. This is a joint release with Colin's Massdistro label.

Supported in January 2007 with two date East Coast mini-tour: Northampton, MA & Providence, RI.

Received Transmission From Deep Space
Booty Shift

Out of print.

Live At Tommy's Tavern
Bi-GK Live At Tommy's Tavern cassette cover.

This is where it all began for our heroes. Live at Tommy's Tavern on Manhattan Ave at the corner of Freeman Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY. Colin scored this gig opening up for Providence's imminently talented Mudboy.

This tape is live as-it-happened. With commentary. Other side features a solo Colin Langenus performing guitar madness as Monogomous Octopus.

What amazing cover art!

Out of print.

Pacific Ocean Blue

Smoke Signals
Pacific Ocean Blue Smoke Signals front cover.

Spring music for spring-minded people. 2007 commune style. All band members played tambourine on this jammer and may or may not have been wearing shoes at the time.

CD-R. Edition of 30.

Starfish & LSD (edit)

Out of print.

Weirding Module

Release Me
Weirding Module - Release Mecassette cover.

Another pet-sit related release. This one takes us all the way back to 2007, when I was cat sitting at Dana and Richard's apartment in Brooklyn for a week. I had recently met mad-Belgian, Dennis Tyfus (of Ultra Eczema and art-world fame), on an earlier Awesome Color euro-tour and he had become a fan of Weirding Module's second cassette. He told me the magic words any musical artist longs to hear (besides "iPod commercial"): I would like to do a vinyl release for you...

So inspiring were those words that I pretty immediately dropped some heavy duty blasts from The Cat and SK-5 down to tape, that I thought would be worthy of wax posterity, and sent them off across the sea, stars in my eyes. Fast-forward instead three and a half years later to this self-released cassette. These jams have been in the vault too long.

Seriously, no hard feelings between WM and Tyfus. His name is still on the thanks list. I'm pretty confident that even after 3+ years, this music is still some of my best and I'm happy to make it available for at least 84 other people to hear...

C33 cassette. Edition of 85.

Out of print.

New Age Series Vol. 003
Weirding Module - New Age Series Vol. 003 cassette cover.

The third installment of Weirding Module's New Age Series is like drinking a hot cup of chamomile tea with your ears. You will instantly feel like you are Carole King posing on the front cover of her Tapestry album. Don't forget to heed the warning on the tape cover's inside flap.

Edition of 25.

Out of print.

Enter The Canyon Entrance Entranced
Weirding Module - Enter The Canyon Entrance Entranced cassette cover.

Post-contact with alien intelligence. An attempt to transmit knowledge through sounds.

Edition of 50.

Out of print.

Black Galaxy
Weirding Module - Black Galaxy cassette cover.

Continuing Weirding Module's exploration of stellar frontiers, this cassette offers the newest sounds from the furthest reaches. The federation is gearing up for something big, no doubt, and if these early recon briefings are any indication, summer should be monumental.

Is there summer in space? Weirding Module asks the hard questions.

Edition of 100.

Out of print.

New Age Series Vol. 002
Weirding Module - New Age Series Vol. 002 cassette cover.

The second installment of Weirding Module's New Age Series is a 40 minute epic in 5 parts. Dust off the yoga mat and prepare to attune yourself with the cosmos. Again! Makes everyone's burritos taste better.

Edition of 30.

Out of print.

split cassette with Arnau Sala
Weirding Module/Arnau Sala cassette cover.

This is the long-awaited split cassette co-released by Barcelona, Spain's Ozonokids and Senseless Empire. Ozonokids mastermind, Arnau Sala, lays down heady and unsettling tone-scapes/scrapes creating a sonic virtual reality where time-traveling aliens dig their mental fingernails into the base of your spine and shake up any lysergic debris. Weirding Module's side continues in the tradition of muddy synths, repetition and Jah.

Beautiful silk-screened covers. Comes with insert. Our favorite cassette so far!

Edition of 100.

Out of print.

Star Frontiers
Weirding Module - Star Frontiers cassette cover.

Rescued from the furthest edges of deepest space, this 20.5 minute cassette documents some weird travels. Usually WM reaches inside for inspiration but this epic jam in two parts is a gift from the cosmos. If played on repeat, will sync up perfectly with both Tarkovsky's Stalker AND Solaris. All the way through, everytime!

Totally galactic artwork!

Edition of 40.

Out of print.

New Age Series Vol 001
Weirding Module - New Age Series Vol 001 cassette cover.

The geniuses at Senseless Empire came up with the idea for this tape, inspired by tales of Weirding Module's Northern Michigan winter and summer adventures involving lakes, rivers, woods, etc. What's next? Weirding Module yoga tapes? Cooking with Weirding Module? Will this madness ever end? Get your copy here and start a letter writing campaign.

J/k, there are no geniuses here.

Edition of 30.

Out of print.

Clone Therapy
Weirding Module Clone Therapy cassette cover.

The latest and greatest from Greenfield's own Weirding Module. You go out and have fun while your clone stays home and heals. S/he'll tell you all about it! Two secret tracks from another decade on side 2. Fifty minutes of just what your clone needs.

Edition of 50.

Out of print.

Live In Connecticut
Weirding Module Live In CT CD-R cover.

Live set to nobody in an empty house from the Spring of 2007. This one is both calming and wild. How is this possible? The answer lies within for anyone with ears to listen. You can definitely cook dinner to this one but maybe not eat the results.

Four jams in just under 40 minutes.

Edition of 50

Out of print.

Concept Mapping
Weirding Module Concept Mapping cassette cover.

Second Senseless Empire cassette for the Weirds. Winter meditation music made during alone time at the 880R commune. Field tested in a hazy room. This one boosts alpha waves and tickles the limbic region. Drones and loose feelings.

Edition of 50

Maze Float


Weirding Module self-titled cassette cover.

Recorded in Trout Dream Studios, Weirding Module's second casssette and first for Senseless Empire. Damaged brain makes fingers hit keys, hold keys and makes weird sounds in more or less song format.

Edition of 73



Scorchers Zine #1
Scorchers zine #1 cover.

Photocopies of dancehall 45 labels with limited commentary. Some highlights include: Fat Eyes, Purple Skunk, Pot Of Gold and Jah Snowcone.

First zine! Senseless Empire's been scouring the bins to bring you Scorchers #2... coming soon!