Awesome Color 7 inch cover

Hey friends, we have a few 7"s left over from our Spring tours and we'd like to offer them here for sale to help us out with rent, burrito money and such...

We made 300 of these tour 7"s featuring alternate live-in-the-studio to tape, no-overdub recordings of our songs "Flying" and "IOU" from the new record. We recorded these songs with our buddy, Josh, at Bushwick Studio in Brooklyn, NY, about 1/2 a year before we recorded the full-length record in Michigan. Pretty raw versions with lots of energy!

The records look great. They all have hand-screenprinted and hand-numbered covers. Allison and Michael did the artwork with some tweaks from Wolfy of Kayrock Screenprinting who also helped us with the printing.

Perfect record to kick off a killer summer with!

Thanks to everyone for all your help, love and support over the years!